Updated: Sep, 21 2017
Beer Beer Style ABV
Ironmonger Brewing - 12 items
Dry Hop Damascus India Pale Ale (IPA) 5.5%
Nice IPA dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra & Huell Melon
German Hefewizen Hefewiezen 6.5%
A nice light German Hefewiezen. Hints of clove and banana.
Ironmonger Antiquity Abbey Ale Abbey Dubbel 7.0%
Ironmonger Artificer’s Spiced Ale Spice/Herb/Vegetable 7.7%
Ironmonger Brewing Fresh Water Water 0.0%
Imported Daily from Cobb County
Ironmonger Forged Porter Porter 5.5%
Ironmonger Strawberry Merlot Blonde Fruit Beer 5.5%
Ironmonger The Quench Pilsener 5.0%
Ironmonger Torch the Village IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.0%
Kirsis Kriek 5.0%
Taste of cherries and a touch of sweet in this Authentic Belgian Kriek
Manju Lambic - Fruit 5.0%
A nice hit of mango in this wonderful sour authentic Belgian Lambic. Aged for 12 months
Summer Seasonal Pale Pale 5.5%
A nice smooth drinking Summer seasonal. Makes you want to have a couple by the poolside.
Naughty Soda- 4 items
Naughty Soda Cinnamon Shine Hard Soda 5.0%
Real Cinnamon and a bit of sweetness
Naughty Soda Lime in da Coconut Hard Soda 5.0%
Meyer limes and real coconut
Naughty Soda Sour Grapes Hard Soda 5.0%
Sour Sun Hard Soda 5.0%
Real black tea and fresh meyer lemons