Updated: Oct, 26 2017
Beer Beer Style ABV
Ironmonger Brewing - 13 items
Bourbon Chocolate Stout Stout 7.0%
This stout is a bit lighter than others with a nice chocolate punch and a very light bourbon finish. Particularly tasty on a warmer Fall day.
Damascus NEIPA New England IPA 5.2%
This new Damascus is a juice bomb of grapefruit and citrus. With a nose of Grapefruit and a juiciness of fresh citrus Damascus NEIPA has a finish that leaves a slight tang on the tongue and a nice dryness that makes you want more.
Espresso Stout Stout 7.0%
There is quite a bit of espresso in this one. You will taste it throughout and it give a nice bump to the already chocolate & coffee notes of the beer. Good beer with a hardy meal or as a dessert pairing with chocolate cake.
German Hefewizen Hefewiezen 6.5%
A nice light German Hefewiezen. Hints of clove and banana.
Ironmonger Brewing Fresh Water Water 0.0%
Imported Daily from Cobb County
Ironmonger Campfire Rye Rye Ale 7.0%
Ironmonger Forged Porter Porter 5.5%
Ironmonger The Quench Pilsener 5.0%
Ironmonger Torch the Village IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 6.0%
Kirsis Kriek 5.0%
Taste of cherries and a touch of sweet in this Authentic Belgian Kriek
Manju Lambic - Fruit 5.0%
A nice hit of mango in this wonderful sour authentic Belgian Lambic. Aged for 12 months
Summer Seasonal Pale Pale 5.5%
A nice smooth drinking Summer seasonal. Makes you want to have a couple by the poolside.
The Anvil DIPA Imperial/Double IPA 8.6%
Juicy and notes of citrus drive this nice double IPA.
Naughty Soda- 3 items
Hey Shiraz! Alcoholic Soda 5.0%
This one will catch you by surprise. The sparkling taste of Shiraz wine grapes and the sweet bite of cranberry done in our fantastic sour base.
Naughty Soda Sour Grapes Hard Soda 5.0%
Strawberry Lemon Alcoholic Soda 5.0%
Nice strawberry flavor with the sour/tart hit of Lemon. A great poolside treat for the tastebuds.